Automatic Gate Repair & Service

Gate Repair Specialist in North San Diego County

Automated and electric gates offer an additional layer of security, and if designed well can be an attractive addition to your home.  As your local expert we also know that given the increased power of gate operators, and the nature of them operating horizontally instead of vertically - there are increased safety risks with automatic gates - and it's important to make sure requirements are met, and proper service is performed.  TipTop Door & Gate is your local automatic gate specialist based out of Oceanside, CA. We offer full repair and maintenance services in North San Diego County including San Marcos, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Escondido, Solana Beach, Vista, Rancho Santa Fe & Del Mar.

At Tiptop Door Service, when we schedule our first gate service for a client, not only do we repairs, service, and lubrication for your gate, but we assess whether you have the correct number and type of safety devices,  whether they are configured correctly, and also ensure by physically testing them, that they are functional. If anything isn't up to snuff, we give you an estimate to correct it. It is shocking how many automated gate safety devices are non functional due to a dead battery, or corroded wire connection!

Our team also has a "repair versus replace" mentality. Why replace a perfectly functional operator if it can be repaired, usually for a fraction of the price. Most of these machines were manufactured to a high quality standard, and were designed to be installed once, and repaired indefinitely due to the modular design of components. This also eliminates more landfill and we're happy to help this green cause!

If you are seeing mechanical wear, rusty chains, bearings that are dry or seized,  guide rollers that have stopped turning, or even a rodent nest inside your gate operator cabinet -  give us a call today! Our experts have seen it all, and are here for all of your automatic gate needs, assuring your gate remains safe, beautiful and functional!