Garage Door Repair Services

Repair & Maintenance in Northern San Diego County

Garage doors add important function, style and safety to your home. They can also be dangerous and complicated - most modern doors having 40 or more moving parts, all of which need regular inspection, and maintenance. This makes it very important that you have a trusted garage door company to rely on for routine maintenance, as well as emergency repairs.  Tiptop Door Service is that company in North San Diego County. Based out of Oceanside, we provide affordable and fast garage door repair services to surrounding areas including Carlsbad, Escondido, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Vista, San Marcos, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe and beyond.

More About Our Tune-Ups and Repairs...

When we do a "simple tune up", it is anything but. We go through the lubrication process just as anyone can, but we are also inspecting each of those 40 plus moving parts for wear. One of the most vexing things about garage doors is that although there are many components that fail, usually only a broken spring will stop the door from opening. This means that a door can keep running in a dangerous state for sometimes years, without service. A cable can be frayed for months, but unless someone is looking for it, it will go undiagnosed causing a very dangerous situation.  Same goes for the rollers, bearings, center bearing, the center bracket, the torsion tube, all the hinges, the end bearings and the struts.  Often times we can diagnose a broken spring before it snaps, which prevents getting trapped by a broken garage door.

Other common repairs that are important to have a professional check for are broken cables (which will cause the door to come off track), broken rollers, hinges and garage door openers. We also ensure all remote activating devices are working. If there are any issues we have many solutions from new openers to new receivers, remotes, keyless entries, and more. 

Our goal, whether in supporting you in maintaining your own door, or having us do your maintenance,  is to keep you and your home, safe and secure! Contact us from the Greater Oceanside area today to schedule a garage door inspection or tune-up, or to make a repair/service appointment for your door!